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  • Ecosystem in a Jar

    Journal Article | January 2021

  • Ecosystem Dynamics

    Journal Article | January 2023

  • Ecosystems and Biodiversity

    Book Chapter | May 2014

    The purpose of this lab is to introduce students to the concepts of ecosystems, food chains, food webs, and biodiversity, and to determine ”How Does Food Web Complexity Affect the Biodiversity of an Ecosystem?” The lab…

  • Matter in Ecosystems

    Book Chapter | July 2015

    The purpose of this lab is to have students apply their knowledge of how chemicals cycle through the living and nonliving components of an ecosystem. Specifically, they will explore their natural surroundings where they…

  • Ecosystem Cycles

    Book Chapter | February 2011

    The purpose of this assessment probe is to elicit students’ ideas about the transfer of matter and energy in ecosystems. The probe is designed to reveal whether students recognize that only matter is cycled through an…

  • My Resource List of Ecosystem Partners

    Page | September 2020

    My Resource List of Ecosystem Partners   Teacher Conference/Resources/Grant Opportunities  Student Conference/Resources  Engineering Hackathon Volunteers  Student Competitions Northrop Grumman x x x x Chevron…

  • Ecosystem Board Game

    Book Chapter | September 2018

    This lesson asks students to explore the positive and negative factors affecting ecosystems and their impact on either an endangered species or an invasive species. Student teams first conduct research on the real-life…

  • Food Webs and Ecosystems

    Book Chapter | July 2015

    The purpose of this lab is for students to apply their understanding of ecosystems and the eating relationships that occur within them. Specifically, students will consider ”Which Member of an Ecosystem Would Affect the…

  • Rooftop Garden Ecosystem

    Journal Article | November 2023

    As long as there have been roofs overhead, there have been gardens above them. Since the Ziggurats and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, man has cultivated plants for his enjoyment and nourishment. Fast forward 4,000…

  • Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems

    Book Chapter | August 2014

    The big idea for an area of study that challenges students year after year but yet is essential to life processes is the relationship between matter and energy—how we get and use energy for life. If we put a phrase to…

  • Lake Michigan–A Fragile Ecosystem

    Book Chapter | June 2016

    Commercial fishermen have noticed declining numbers and smaller sizes of the fish they catch in Lake Michigan, and they want to know how the government’s stocking program is affecting their catch. In this problem, the…

  • A Natural Storyline for Learning About Ecosystems

    Book Chapter | October 2019

    Chapters 6–13 share grades 3–5 model lessons for putting the “explore-before-explain” mind-set into practice. In this chapter, the third-grade lesson is aimed at developing students’ ideas about living things and Earth’…

  • Thriving STEM Learning Ecosystems—for All?

    Journal Article | December 2021

  • Incorporating Student-Centered Learning in an Ecosystems Course

    Journal Article | October 2021

    Student-centered learning broadly encompasses teaching approaches that shift the focus of instruction from teacher to student by placing an emphasis on what as well as how students want to learn. This approach allows…

  • Earthworm Distribution in the Schoolyard Ecosystem

    Journal Article | June 2020

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