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  • Utensil Music: Teaching Sound Science

    Book Chapter | March 2010

    “Sound science” is more than just a play on words—it is a powerful metaphor for the mind-opening and mind-expanding effect of integrated curriculum, instruction, and assessment. This simple, hands-on exploration…

  • Guitar Designs—Exploring How Music Is Made

    Book Chapter | January 2018

    In this activity, students use household items to make a functional guitar that can play at least one octave and a song. This selection highlights the physics concepts of sound and wave properties, as well as the core…

  • Learning Science Using Music

    Journal Article | October 2011

    The author works with a chorus teacher to create an interdisciplinary unit using music to supplement the science curriculum. This particular subject involved creating lyrics and music to help students learn cellular…

  • The Case of the Missing Music

    Journal Article | January 2008

    From Scooby Doo and Nancy Drew to the countless other detectives that fill children’s bookshelves and television programs, it is clear that children are fascinated with solving crimes. As a result, a chemistry professor…

  • Idea Bank: Measuring the Music of a Flute

    Journal Article | September 2013

    The Idea Bank provides tips and techniques for creative teaching, in about 1,000 words. This month’s Idea Bank is about an experiment that measures the frequencies of the musical pitches produced by a flute and the…

  • Science 101: What Determines the Quality of Musical Notes?

    Journal Article | February 2014

    This column provides background science information for elementary teachers. In this month’s issue the author investigates what contributes to the timbre of music.

  • Science of Music

    Collection | May 2015

    A collection of resources of sound and music related science ideas.

  • music and sound

    Collection | January 2016

    music and sound …

  • Music visualization

    Blog Post | May 2013

    From reading various tweets and blogs, I often find interesting projects and applications. Some are definitely related to science and math, while others have more of a tangential application. I recently found one of the…

  • Career of the Month: An Interview with Musical Acoustics Scientist James Beauchamp

    Journal Article | February 2008

    When we think of sound, several things come to mind, from irritating noises to our favorite songs. Musical acoustics is the scientific study of sound as it relates to music. Some musical acousticians research how…

  • Live! And recorded, music and nature

    Blog Post | May 2017

    How is the experience of listening to, attending to, live music different from listening to a recording? I can be very moved by recorded music, moved to sing along or dance. A particular piece of recorded music can…

  • Science music videos

    Blog Post | September 2012

    In my classroom, I liked to have music playing when the students came in. It was usually classical and the students seemed to enjoy it–one student was especially fond of Mozart. From some recent tweets, I…

  • Take a musical break

    Blog Post | March 2010

    Catty-corner from the Mariott Hotel in Philadelphia is a national musical treasure: the Wanamaker organ (yes, the store is a Macy’s now). This is the largest operational pipe organ in the world. At the Friends of…

  • Singing, music, sound

    Collection | January 2020

    Articles that cover singing music and sound. Geared towards P-2

  • Diving into a Schoolwide Science Theme: Interdisciplinary lessons for an all-school theme in science, art, and music classes

    Journal Article | September 2000

    Science learning can happen anywhere! Using initiative and creativity, teachers of various subjects can create interdisciplinary learning opportunities. In this article, the authors describe how they used the schoolwide…

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