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  • Working on a Pollution Solution

    Journal Article | March 2022

  • Introduction to Water Pollution

    Book Chapter | July 2011

    This lesson assesses students’ prior knowledge about groundwater pollution and has students investigate types and sources of water pollution. Note that this introductory activity sets the stage for subsequent learning…

  • Air Pollution and Environmental Equity

    Book Chapter | September 2011

    Airborne pollutants include “criteria” pollutants, such as ozone, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and lead, and toxic pollutants like benzene and mercury. The Environmental…

  • The Origin of Federal Air Pollution Policy

    Journal Article | April 2020

  • The Link Between Nanoscale Science, Technology, and a Vital Environmental Issue: Groundwater Pollution

    Book Chapter | July 2011

    Nanoscale science and technology play central roles in our understanding of how Earth works and in the environmental science field of study. As a freshwater source, groundwater is second in abundance only to water found…

  • Plants and Pollution

    Journal Article | April 2007

    Investigations with Wisconsin Fast Plants can make the subject matter come alive…or dead, depending on the experimental treatment. This became apparent when a university-based teacher educator and a fifth-grade teacher…

  • Plastic Pollution to Solution

    Journal Article | March 2018

    Second graders turn knowledge into action as they engineer solutions for a real-world problem in a school makerspace.

  • Plants v. Pollutants

    Journal Article | December 2014

    Bringing engineering design practices and real-world context to the science classroom.

  • In Search of Air Pollution

    Journal Article | February 2006

    Using EPA and NOAA websites, students are able to view pollution inventories (the amounts and kinds of pollution released in a given location) and follow pollution along its estimated path of travel. This inquiry based…

  • Measuring River Pollution

    Journal Article | May 2004

    The Don River watershed is located within Canada’s most highly urbanized area—metropolitan Toronto. To help assess the ecological health of the Don, biology students investigated the main Don River tributaries using…

  • Pinpointing Watershed Pollution on a Virtual Globe

    Journal Article | March 2014

    An exploration that uses Google Earth to pinpoint sources of pollution locally and across the country and the effects on the surrounding watershed.

  • The Green Room: Air Pollution in the Developing World

    Journal Article | July 2015

    This column focuses on making your teaching more environmentally friendly. This month’s issue describes where to find ideas for classroom activities about air pollution.

  • Breathing Easy About New Air Pollution Standards

    Journal Article | September 2000

    A town hall meeting is the backdrop for a role-playing case about ground-level ozone air pollution. The case consists of a flier and scripts drawn from public comment records on the current government mandate to reduce…

  • Pollution

    Collection | November 2015

  • Pollution

    Collection | November 2015

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