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  • STEM20: Virtual Event

    Page | June 2020

    STEM20: Virtual Event

  • Best STEM Books K–12

    Page | April 2020

    Best STEM Books K–12 Reading science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) trade books is the perfect way for students to develop literacy skills while learning STEM content. Building upon a strong legacy of several decades of recommending outstanding science trade books, the National Science Teachers Association (…

  • STEM21

    Page | April 2021


  • STEM21 Marketplace

    Page | June 2021

    STEM21 Marketplace

  • STEM21 FAQ

    Page | July 2021

    STEM21 FAQ

  • STEM21 Speakers

    Page | May 2021

    STEM21 Speakers

  • Bringing STEM to the Elementary Classroom

    NSTA Press Book | May 2016

    Many resources help you encourage young children to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). But only this book of quality STEM experiences was curated by the veteran educator who edits Science and…

  • Designing Meaningful STEM Lessons

    NSTA Press Book | April 2018

    Sure, there are lots of cool STEM activities you can use in class. But do they really help your students learn science? This book shows you how to take lessons you’re already familiar with and, through small changes, do…

  • STEM Student Research Handbook

    NSTA Press Book | August 2011

    This comprehensive resource for STEM teachers and students, outlines the various stages of large-scale research projects, enabling teachers to coach their students through the research process. This handbook provides…

  • STEM Teachers, STEM Classrooms, STEM Schools

    Book Chapter | July 2017

    Over the course of the early 21st century, STEM has enjoyed a bandwagon effect as the brand strengthens. In this chapter, purists and pioneers have put structures in place to establish a certain standard that upholds…

  • Best STEM Books 2021

    Page | November 2020

    Best STEM Books 2021 Winning Titles Ada Lovelace (The First Names Series) Ben Jeapes Illustrated by Nick Ward ABRAMS / Abrams Books for Young Readers How did the first computer come to be? Explore Ada Lovelace's determination, imagination, and amazing life as she becomes the brains behind…

  • Picture-Perfect STEM Lessons, 3-5: Using Children’s Books to Inspire STEM Learning

    NSTA Press Book | May 2017

    "Teachers in our district have been fans of Picture-Perfect Science for years, and it’s made a huge impact on how they fit science into their school day. We are so excited to do more of the same with these Picture-…

  • STEM21 Special Events

    Page | June 2021

    STEM21 Special Events

  • STEM Education Needs STEM Talk

    Journal Article | October 2021

  • The Case for STEM Education: Challenges and Opportunities

    NSTA Press Book | April 2013

    If you’re an education leader concerned with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) initiatives, this book will help you both understand and implement STEM action plans. The book starts by putting STEM…

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