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Case Studies: Cell Biology

All Cell Biology Cases

Case Study

A Ticket to Nowhere

By Rachel A. Hirst, Tracy R. Rosebrock

Case Study

COPA Syndrome

By Madison Hossack, Kenneth W. Yip

Case Study

Can We Risk It Again?

By Melanie E. Peffer

Case Study

Liam’s Head Injury

By Melody J. Neumann, Michelle B. French, Franco A. Taverna

Case Study

If Only These Bones Could Talk

By Ashley E. Rhodes

Case Study

Mayhem in May

By Jayashree Sarathy, Faith Donner, Tiara Perez Morales, Daniyal Mehmood, Gerda Simkeviciute

Case Study

Service in Somalia

By Christopher E. Braganca, Nicole M. Dib, Catherine M. Kelly, Philip J. Stephens

Case Study

Professor Eric Can’t Hear

By Alexis Lee, Diane Kim, Eric Sternlicht, Caroline H. Wilson

Case Study

A Fatal Bite

By Obidimma Ezezika, Mona Jarrah, Shawanah Rahman

Case Study

Stuck on You

By Brenda F. Canine, Michael L. Dini, Breanna N. Harris

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