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Case Studies: Food Science & Technology

All Food Science & Technology Case Studies

Case Study

What’s in Your Food?

By Bwalya Lungu

Case Study

Deep in the Weeds of Organic Farming

By Matthew S. Taylor, Mariëlle H. Hoefnagels, Mark E. Walvoord

Case Study

Fishing Midst the Morning Dew

By Adela M. Acosta

Case Study

Through the Grater

By Helen S. Joyner, Clinton Stevenson

Case Study

Yeast Cryptography

By Brian K. Sato, Eduardo Cruz-Hinojoza, Duyen Dinh-Dang

Case Study

Aisles of Confusion

By Justin A. Pruneski, Enya J. Granados, Kaylee M. Wilburn

Case Study

Snow White Apples?

By Ann T.S. Taylor

Case Study

Organic Food

By Suzanne R. Carpenter, Richard H. Wallace

Case Study

Gastronomic Gastroenteritis at The Fat Duck

By Nienke E. van Houten

Case Study

Potato Chip Problems

By Helen S. Joyner, Brennan Smith

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