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Case Studies: Molecular Biology

All Molecular Biology Case Studies

Case Study

Can Stem Cells Bring Magic to Medicine?

By Ashleigh Garrett, Joni H. Ylostalo

Case Study

COPA Syndrome

By Madison Hossack, Kenneth W. Yip

Case Study

Can We Risk It Again?

By Melanie E. Peffer

Case Study

Is p53 a Smoking Gun?

By Michèle I. Shuster, Joann Mudge, Meghan Hill, Katelynn James, Gabriella A. DeFrancesco, Maria P. Chadiarakou, Anitha Sundararajan

Case Study

Liam’s Head Injury

By Melody J. Neumann, Michelle B. French, Franco A. Taverna

Case Study

To Pick a Peck of Orange Peppers

By Pamela Kalas, Fatima Syed

Case Study

Computers and Micronutrients

By Winyoo Chowanadisai, Bryant H. Keirns

Case Study

A New York State of Mind

By Samantha N. Jewell, Julian A. Brix

Case Study

The Dutch Hunger Winter

By Kuei-Chiu Chen

Case Study

A Fatal Bite

By Obidimma Ezezika, Mona Jarrah, Shawanah Rahman

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