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Want to introduce a wider audience to particular NSTA resources?

For building- or districtwide access to one or more NSTA Press® books, consider e-licensing digital versions of our most popular titles. This cost-effective approach provides science-specific resources to as many teachers as you choose, as well as materials that cross disciplines—covering subjects such as reading/language arts, mathematics, and instructional technology.

Depending on the size of your group, annual license fees can be as little as 10–30% of the cost of buying multiple copies of the print books outright. 

Other bestsellers are available upon request.

Besides saving money, there are several other benefits to e-licensing:

  1. Seats are transferable. When a teacher leaves, another teacher can access the materials.
  2. Roll-out is simple. No need to hand out print copies or email PDFs. The library portal can be set up in minutes.
  3. Direct links from your learning content management system to pages in the books. Your teachers can click through from a district lesson to a probe from one of the Uncovering Students Ideas titles.

For more information, please contact Emily Brady at 703-312-9205 or

Sample Savings

Quantity % discount
0-20 0.00%
21-50 10%
51-99 15%
100-199 20%
200-299 25%
300-499 30%
500-999 35%
1000+ 40%




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