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Pushes and Pulls

A Daily Do Playlist


Is Lesson Plan Elementary Grade K

What Are Daily Do Playlists?

Daily Do Playlists are suggested instructional sequences of two or more Daily Do lessons in which students coherently build science ideas over time. While each Daily Do lesson in the Playlist can be taught as a stand-alone task, guidance is provided for teachers to navigate students from one lesson to the next in the context of a We culture:

  • We figure out the science ideas.
  • We figure out where we are going at each step.
  • We figure out how to put the ideas together over time.

To better support both teachers and students, the individual Daily Do lessons that make up a Playlist have been updated to include tailored Google Docs, Slides, and/or Jamboard templates to facilitate students’ science learning in the classroom or virtual learning environment (synchronous and asynchronous). 



How Does Air Make Things Move?

How does air make things move? uses the phenomenon of wind moving leaves around to motivate science learning. Using familiar objects, students conduct investigations and use the thinking tools of patterns and cause-and-effect to make sense of these science ideas: Pushes can be big or small and can cause changes in motion.

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How does air make things move


How Can We Become Good Marble Players?

In the How can we become good marble players? task, students and families experience the phenomenon of marbles moving by engaging in a game of marbles, and use patterns and cause-and-effect as thinking tools to make sense of the science idea that when objects touch or collide, they push on one another and can change motion.

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How can we become good marble players


How Do Kites Fly?

Let's go fly a kite! How do kites fly? provides students and families an opportunity to experience firsthand the phenomenon of a flying kite. They build and fly a sled kite, which leads to questions about how kites fly. Subsequent investigations and the thinking tool of cause-and-effect support them in making sense of the science ideas that pushes and pulls can have different strengths and directions.

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How do kites fly


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Pushes and Pulls
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Pushes and Pulls
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