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  • Feeding Birds

    Book Chapter | February 2018

    In this lesson, children will experiment with different foods to determine bird preferences. Students will record and analyze data, and use the data to inform choices as they create their own bird feeders. Assessment…

  • Looking for Birds

    Book Chapter | February 2018

    In this lesson, children will observe and gain an appreciation for the diversity of birds in their local area. Children will compare different birds to identify the characteristics they have in common. In addition to…

  • Birds in Winter

    Book Chapter | April 2016

    In this chapter, the objective of the activity “Bird Shapes” is to identify birds common to your area by shape and color and to introduce scientific illustration. Chapters 1 and 2 are also included in this book…

  • Looking for Birds

    Book Chapter | May 2019

    This activity is about observing birds in the environment. Take the children for a walk around the school looking for birds. Taking pictures of the birds observed can greatly enhance the activity. After the walk, ask…

  • Feeding the Birds

    Book Chapter | May 2019

    This activity is about attracting birds to the school yard. The children put out empty milk cartons with food and place a pencil or wood dowel through small holes cut into the sides of the carton. Birds will be able to…

  • Mark My Bird!

    Journal Article | May 2022

  • Engineering Like a Bird

    Journal Article | January 2022

  • Building Bird Nests

    Book Chapter | May 2019

    This activity is about using different materials to build a bird nest. Before starting, share books about different types of birds’ nests and discuss the many different materials, locations, sizes, and shapes. Children…

  • The Birds and the Bees, the Flowers and the Trees

    Journal Article | January 2023

  • Classifying Birds in the United States

    Book Chapter | November 2012

    The purpose of the activity, in this chapter, is to help students understand (1) what counts as a species in the field of biology, (2) some of the various definitions for species that can be used by biologists, and (3)…

  • The Beaks of Birds (Book sample)

    Book Chapter | November 2018

    Come along on a tour of the wonderful world of birds and their beaks. This book is the story of a child and two grown-up friends on a jaunt across their yard, in a park, past a pond, and through the pages of a photo…

  • Birds Near and Far

    Journal Article | September 2020

  • Bird Migration Patterns in My Area

    Book Chapter | August 2013

    In this chapter, students consider indicators of climate change, interpret various representations of eBird citizen science data, and reflect on how their actions as citizen scientists can assist in better understanding…

  • Citizen Science Helps the Birds and Bees

    Journal Article | September 2020

  • Birds, Bugs, and Butterflies: Science Lessons for Your Outdoor Classroom

    Book Chapter | February 2010

    Among the wild animals that may travel through a school yard, birds, bugs, and butterflies are the most common—the focus of most of the lessons in this chapter. It offers a variety of activities to allow you to “tame”…

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