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  • Online Extras: Understanding Climate Change

    Page | March 2020

    Online Extras: Understanding Climate Change If you have purchased Understanding Climate Change, you can view the accompanying student model examples and video online. These resources are for your personal use only and are not to be redistributed. To view the online extras, please type in the second word in the body…

  • Understanding Climate Change, Grades 7–12

    NSTA Press Book | April 2019

    Get help teaching one of the hottest topics in science with Understanding Climate Change, Grades 7–12. This nine-session module is written to be practical and accessible. It provides both extensive background and step-…

  • Climate Change From Pole to Pole: Biology Investigations

    NSTA Press Book | October 2008

    Climate Change From Pole to Pole: Biology Investigations offers timely, relevant, biology-based case studies and background information on how to teach the science of climate change. The six painstakingly researched and…

  • Earth’s Changing Climate

    Book Chapter | October 2008

    In 1896, Svante Arrhenius published the first model of the effects of industrial carbon dioxide (CO2) on Earth’s climate. Since the days of Arrhenius, scientists have moved from pencils to supercomputers. Calculations…

  • Climate Change Conference

    Book Chapter | March 2019

    In this session, students engage in a mock scientific conference to demonstrate another aspect of the work of scientists—sharing work with peers and seeking critical review. The mock conference provides an opportunity…

  • Climate Change Challenges

    Book Chapter | March 2019

    This session provides an opportunity for students to integrate the information they have learned from their research. They create charts or mind maps to anticipate the ripple effects from an aspect they have studied.…

  • Climate Change Solutions

    Book Chapter | March 2019

    This session is about hope. After students learned a great deal about the serious implications of a warming planet, it is important for them to have reasons to be hopeful and to see solutions that are being implemented…

  • Getting to the Core of Climate Change

    Journal Article | January 2021

  • Biological Effects of Climate Change

    Book Chapter | October 2008

    How important is climate change—something that has occurred throughout Earth’s history? Can ecosystems tolerate the magnitude and rate of future change? How will other conservation threats interact with climate change?…

  • Exploring Biome Shifts With Climate Change

    Book Chapter | March 2017

    This high school Earth and space science and life science lesson has the following learning goals for students: use quantitative methods to identify the two to three most abundant tree species in a forested field plot (…

  • Crafting and Critiquing Climate Change Evidence Arguments

    Journal Article | August 2021

  • Media Literacy in the Age of COVID and Climate Change

    Journal Article | June 2021

  • Conducting Research on Current Climate Change Topics

    Book Chapter | March 2019

    This session leverages the power of student discovery, viewed through the lens of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), to support students’ awareness of the complex nature of a warming planet. Students begin…

  • Climate Change Education: A Model of Justice-Oriented STEM Education

    Journal Article | February 2021

  • Teaching and Learning About Global Climate Change Online

    Journal Article | August 2022

    Sessions of our laboratory-based physics course have been “meeting” synchronously online instead of on campus due to the pandemic. Shifting to remote instruction prompted us to create online versions of the course. In…

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