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  • How Do Planets Orbit the Sun?

    Book Chapter | March 2012

    The purpose of this assessment probe is to elicit students’ ideas about representations of the solar system. The probe is designed to reveal students’ ideas about the overall shape of the solar system and the planets…

  • Scope on the Skies: Dance of the planets

    Journal Article | November 2005

    This article highlights the movements of the planets during the months of November and December. It includes a set of observation-based questions for students, and the dates to observe the various phases of the moon.…

  • Scope on the Skies: Planets on the Move

    Journal Article | May 1999

    This column focuses on astronomy throughout the year. In this month’s issue read about the orbital paths of the planets.

  • The Planets

    Collection | January 2015

    This collection will be used when teaching lessons about the planets.

  • Planets

    Collection | February 2015

  • Planets

    Collection | January 2017

  • Planets

    Collection | March 2017

  • Planets

    Collection | April 2017

  • Planets

    Collection | August 2017

  • planets

    Collection | December 2017

  • Planets

    Collection | March 2018

  • Scope on the Skies: Peeking at the planets

    Journal Article | January 2002

    This column focuses on astronomy throughout the year. In this month’s issue learn more about the exciting things happening in our solar system.

  • Explorations of Our Frozen Planet

    Journal Article | December 2012

    Learn more about the cryosphere and the consequences of global warming.

  • Take a Planet Walk

    Journal Article | September 2008

    Physical models in the classroom “cannot be expected to represent the full-scale phenomenon with complete accuracy, not even in the limited set of characteristics being studied” (AAAS 1990). Therefore, by modifying a…

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