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  • Reasons for the Seasons

    Book Chapter | March 2011

    Students, in this activity, use a globe and lamp to model Earth’s orbit. From this concrete model, they see and understand that the cause of Earth’s seasons is the tilt of its rotational axis.

  • Reasons for the Seasons

    Book Chapter | March 2012

    Understanding the causes of Earth’s seasons is quite challenging and is often misunderstood. Earth’s seasons are caused by the combination of its orbit around the Sun and the tilt of Earth’s axis in relation to that…

  • Sunlight and the Seasons

    Book Chapter | October 2016

    This lesson helps students to develop and use a model of the Sun–Earth system to explain: the relationship between the amount of sunlight and the season; the relationship between the angle of incidence of sunlight and…

  • Surveying Sounds of the Season

    Journal Article | April 2023

  • Solar Science: Exploring Sunspots, Seasons, Eclipses, and More

    NSTA Press Book | January 2016

    Solar Science offers more than three dozen hands-on, inquiry-based activities on many fascinating aspects of solar astronomy. The activities cover the Sun’s motions, space weather caused by the Sun, the measurement of…

  • Seasonal Discoveries Journal

    Book Chapter | October 2010

    In this lesson, students act as naturalists spending time documenting their observations by writing and sketching in journals over repeated sessions that span changing seasons. The objective is for students to observe…

  • Seasonal Discoveries Journal

    Book Chapter | March 2012

    Students, in this activity, will be able to observe broadly and focus closely to discover seasonal changes taking place within a local habitat. Then students will act as naturalists spending time documenting their…

  • Lab 2: Seasons

    Book Chapter | March 2018

    In this lab investigation, students are introduced to the disciplinary core ideas of (a) The Universe and Its Stars and (b) Earth and the Solar System as they develop a model that explains seasonal average temperature…

  • Springtime in the Greenhouse: Planting Season

    Book Chapter | March 2011

    Children and adults alike are prone to believe that if a little of something is good, more is better. In the case of this story, your students will probably believe that if fertilizer is good for growing plants, it must…

  • Understanding and Tracking the Annual Motion of the Sun and the Seasons

    Book Chapter | December 2015

    This chapter helps expand students’ thinking to how the apparent motion of the Sun in the sky changes throughout the year and the effects of those changes on the Earth, including the varying length of daytime and…

  • Lesson Plan 1: Earth’s Sensational Seasons

    Book Chapter | October 2018

    In this lesson, students explore the concept of the four seasons and how the changing seasons affect plant development. They will begin to understand that seasonal changes are caused by Earth’s tilt as it rotates around…

  • Hurricane Season

    Journal Article | September 2019

    Science and current events

  • Seasonal Weather Patterns

    Journal Article | February 2019

  • Q: Do You Have an Activity for Daily and Seasonal Patterns and Motions of Earth?

    Journal Article | November 2022

  • Scope on the Skies: Hurricane Season

    Journal Article | September 2019

    Astronomy throughout the year

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