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  • Science in Socio-Scientific Issues

    Journal Article | April 2020

    learning experiences that equip them to make informed decisions throughout …

  • Using Insect Biodiversity to Build Basic Skills

    Journal Article | April 2019

    and preparation and then used by students for skill-building in identification … of a dichotomous key. Through the identification process, students come to appreciate …

  • Using Apps to Engage All Families in Science Exploration

    Journal Article | June 2020

  • Action Research: Using a 5E Instructional Approach to Improve Undergraduate Physics Laboratory Instruction

    Journal Article | April 2020

    A physics laboratory instructor used action research to effectively implement a 5E instructional approach, which incorporated scientific practices. The instructor explored how to integrate the instructional approach…

  • Integrating Engineering Design in Undergraduate Biology Using a Life Science Design Task

    Journal Article | November 2019

    This study examines the initial integration of engineering design in an introductory preservice elementary biology content course using a life science design task focused on composting.

  • Using Citizen Science to Engage Preservice Elementary Educators in Scientific Fieldwork

    Journal Article | November 2016

    Preservice elementary teachers’ lack of confidence in teaching science is an ongoing concern. Only 29% of elementary teachers in the field felt “very well prepared to teach life science,” according to the National…

  • Responsible Use of Live Animals and Dissection in the Science Classroom

    Position Statement | June 2020

  • Overture

    Book Chapter | February 2019

    This chapter introduces you to Family Science Night events and discusses the benefits of holding an event at your school. Teaching and learning about science formally happens in the classroom, but learning about science…

  • Just Say No!

    Journal Article | March 2020

    units that equip students to investigate any dubious “scientific …

  • Teaching With Simulations

    Journal Article | March 2019

    Teachers use simulations for student motivation, content learning, and engagement in science practices.

  • NSTA District Professional Learning Packages

    Page | March 2020

    EQuIP … Rubric Workshop The EQuIP … increasing their proficiency in applying the EQuIP Rubric for Science, version …

  • Science Education Checklist

    Page | April 2020

    Science Education Checklist “What Should I Look for in the Science Program in My Child's School?” A Guide for Parents developed by SciMathMN Parents often ask, What can I do to support good science education? One of the most helpful things parents can do is support not only their student, but also the schools and…

  • Safer Handling of Alcohol in the Laboratory

    Page | February 2020

    Safer Handling of Alcohol in the Laboratory The use of alcohol is quite common in biology and chemistry laboratories. Because of its flammability and toxicity, it is imperative that teachers understand how to use it safely, especially in light of the serious injuries that have occurred due to the…

  • Help Your Child Explore Science

    Page | April 2020

    Help Your Child Explore Science Science is a way of understanding the world, a perspective, and a pattern of thinking that begins in the very earliest years. That is why parental involvement is so important in a child’s science education. Families who explore the world together nurture scientific thinkers and good…

  • Call for Papers: Science Scope

    Page | January 2020

    Call for Papers: Science Scope The editors of Science Scope would like to encourage you to submit a manuscript on any topic that may be of interest to middle level science teachers. Although each issue of Science Scope is organized around a theme, your manuscript does not have to be related to a…

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