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  • Adding Directions-Vectors

    Book Chapter |

    This chapter from, Companion Classroom Activities for Stop Faking It! Force and Motion is about adding directions and vectors. Activities include Direction Matters and Vector Application.

  • Idea Bank: Vector, Vector—That’s Our Cry!

    Journal Article |

    There are all kinds of computer-based software programs and websites available to help students understand and manipulate vector quantities. But if you have the time and want to do something different, this Idea Bank…

  • Idea Bank: Vectors on the Basketball Court

    Journal Article |

    An Idea Bank published in the April/May 2009 issue of The Science Teacher describes an experiential physics lesson on vectors and vector addition (Brown 2009). Like its football predecessor, the basketball-based…

  • Focus on Physics: Sailing Into the Wind: A Vector Explanation

    Journal Article |

    This column helps teachers build an understanding of physical principles. In this lesson, students discover surprising facts about sailing and also the intriguing usefulness of vectors.

  • Science of NHL hockey: vectors

    Blog Post |

    Vectors. The key to passing a puck, throwing a football, shooting pool, coordinating fireworks, or finding buried treasure. Knowing which way to go is one thing. Knowing how fast to move is another. Put them both…

  • Online Connections: The Science Teacher

    Page |

    Online Connections: The Science Teacher November/December 2020 The Aurora Borealis Student Worksheet Solar wind velocity data and answer key Solar storm answer key Connecting to the Next Generation Science Standards The Lives of Staph (Idea Bank) Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C…

  • Using a Game to Teach Invasive Species Spread and Management

    Journal Article |

    Invasive species are a major ecological and economic problem at the global scale, and education plays a major role in raising awareness and combating these species’ future spread. There are complex management and…

  • Physics Activities With Metersticks

    Journal Article |

  • The Aurora Borealis

    Journal Article |

  • Symbols in Physics

    Journal Article |

    Symbols are a cornerstone of the written language of physics and mathematics but inconsistencies in their use pose a challenge to students. This article reports on interviews held with first-year undergraduate physics…

  • Identifying Forces

    Journal Article |

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