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  • Weather

    Book Chapter | May 2012

    As a thesaurus of science concepts, The Everyday Science Sourcebook, Revised 2nd Edition: Ideas for Teaching in Elementary and Middle School provides easy access to science activities that teach science concepts that…

  • Weather

    Book Chapter | March 2016

    Talking about the weather is a daily opportunity to increase children’s awareness of the natural world. This chapter highlights some of the core science ideas children can investigate about weather events and includes…

  • Analyzing the Weather

    Journal Article | January 2022

  • Extreme Weather

    Journal Article | May 2023

  • Weather Watch

    Book Chapter | November 2011

    Without looking out the window, do you know what the weather is like right now? By not paying more attention to the weather, we not only miss many of the interesting things that go on in the atmosphere; we also might…

  • Weather Watchers

    Book Chapter | April 2012

    Students probably have heard weather-based sayings, such as “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb” or “April showers bring May flowers.” Throughout the ages, people have developed these and other sayings…

  • Extreme Weather

    Book Chapter | December 2016

    In this lesson, students will use a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) database to identify extreme weather events throughout the United States in different locations or over time. Disciplinary core…

  • Weather Mapper

    Book Chapter | December 2016

    In this lesson, students will use weather data to create a current weather map by drawing station models for multiple locations. Disciplinary core ideas covered are Earth materials and systems and weather and climate.…

  • Weather Stories

    Book Chapter | December 2016

    In this lesson, students will develop and analyze meteograms for select cities to construct a 24-hour history for a specific location. Disciplinary core ideas covered are Earth materials and systems and weather and…

  • Wacky Weather

    Book Chapter | May 2016

    An integrative science unit combines science content on severe weather with the engineering design process (EDP). The purpose of this unit is to interweave science content on severe weather with the EDP. The unit…

  • Weather Predictions

    Book Chapter | March 2016

    The purpose of this assessment probe is to elicit students’ ideas about weather predictions. The probe is designed to find out if students recognize the limitations of long-term weather forecasting and to help students…

  • The Wonders of Weather

    Book Chapter | March 2016

    In this chapter, the objective of the activity “Observing Weather” is to participate in an ongoing data collection of local weather conditions. Chapters 1 and 2 are also included in this book selection. Chapter 1…

  • Weather Patterns

    Book Chapter | March 2019

    The guiding question of this investigation is, What weather conditions can we expect here during each season? Students can use information about the daily weather conditions over the last year and what they know about…

  • Weathering the Virtual Storm

    Journal Article | April 2021

  • Interpreting Weather Maps

    Book Chapter | September 2011

    Meteorologists collect data from multiple weather stations and instruments on Earth’s surface. The weather maps seen online and on TV are analyzed pictures that are produced after the data analyses have been completed.…

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