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  • Career of the Month: Aerospace Engineer

    Journal Article | January 2013

  • Aerospace Education

    Position Statement | June 2020

  • Aeronautical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering: A Learner-Centered Teaching Perspective in Higher Education

    Journal Article | September 2014

    In this article, particular facets of learner-centered education in higher education are highlighted with an emphasis on teaching subjects in aeronautical/aerospace engineering.

  • All Aerospace resources

    List | March 2020

  • Educating Students About Aerospace Careers

    Blog Post | September 2019

    Students in William Ervin’s aerospace class at Dubiski Career High School in Grand Prairie, Texas, gather around the flight simulator used in the class. Cindy Hasselbring reads from the Boeing Pilot and Technician…

  • Advisory Boards and Panels

    Page | January 2020

    If you are a member of NSTA and are interested in serving on one of these advisory boards or panels, please complete the online application form. Click on the name of an advisory board or panel for its official charge…

  • Learning STEM by Building Airplanes

    Journal Article | February 2020

  • NSTA Position Statements

    Page | January 2020

    NSTA Position Statements NSTA provides national and international leadership in science education by identifying the qualities and standards for good science education; these are set forth in the form of position statements, which are used to support the improvement of science education at all levels…

  • NSTA Email List Server

    Page | March 2020

    Welcome to the NSTA list server.* NSTA’s lists are group email discussions that allow members to exchange information in a peer-to-peer forum. NSTA Members who subscribe (at no extra cost!) can now select from 22 …

  • Free Exhibitor Resources

    Page | April 2020

    Free Exhibitor Resources NSTA has invited our conference exhibitor community to tell us about free online resources they are offering to help teachers and others deal with the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. The resources on this page have not been reviewed by NSTA. Each listing includes the targeted…

  • Sustainable Mobility Expert E.J. Klock-McCook

    Journal Article | April 2020

  • How can a helicopter fly on Mars?

    Lesson Plan | July 2020

  • Advancing Alloys

    Journal Article | April 2020

    The manufacture of metal alloys is ubiquitous, yet infrequently discussed in high school coursework as concepts related to them are often too complex or abstract for beginning science students. However, earlier…

  • Life Skills, Literacy, and STEM

    Reports Article | March 2020

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