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  • Earth as a System

    Book Chapter | May 2012

    Earth is an extremely complex system with many components and subsystems, and they all interact and affect each other. The four major subsystems are atmosphere (air), lithosphere (land), hydrosphere (water), and…

  • Earth’s Atmosphere

    Book Chapter | September 2011

    The atmosphere is made up of a variety of gases, but it is gases like water vapor and carbon dioxide, which make up a small fraction of the air, that have the biggest impact on us in terms of precipitation, pollutants,…

  • Earth’s Features

    Book Chapter | May 2019

    The guiding question of this investigation is, Why do large waves often block the entrance to some harbors in New Zealand? In this lesson, the goal is to figure out how nautical charts can be used to locate different…

  • Earth’s Spheres

    Book Chapter | May 2019

    In this lesson, students continue to explore rainwater by examining the interconnectedness of Earth’s spheres. Students investigate water handling features at home and in school while conducting surveys. They learn…

  • Energy and Earth

    Book Chapter | November 2017

    In this lesson, students gain an understanding of the greenhouse effect as a natural process that traps warm air in the Earth’s atmosphere and is magnified by carbon emissions. Students compare the environmental effects…

  • Earth’s Mass

    Book Chapter | June 2009

    The purpose of this assessment probe is to elicit students’ ideas about the cycling of matter. It can be used to determine whether students recognize that once-living matter breaks down and cycles through ecosystems…

  • The Changing Earth, Grade 8: STEM Road Map for Middle School

    NSTA Press Book | April 2020

    New in 2020! Download and read a sample chapter from this book to learn more. What if you could challenge your eighth graders to help people recognize the inherent risks of living in a region that’s prone to…

  • Why is the Earth round?

    Journal Article | May 2020

    “Why is the Earth approximately spherical?” The word round is a bit ambiguous … For the youngest students, we could ask, “Why is the Earth shaped like a ball … the Earth is really round, or who actually believe (or claim to believe …

  • Investigating Earth’s Interactions

    Journal Article | May 2020

    The Earth has various complex and dynamic systems … that are interconnected and impact changes on Earth. Some changes occur slowly while others … for how water shapes the land and for how wind moves the Earth as it blows …

  • Inspiring Earth’s Future Stewards

    Journal Article | June 2020

    within them the same passion I possess for Earth and her inhabitants … p. 104). I encourage you to explore the outdoors with your students; Earth will thank you.  … Inspiring Earth’s Future Stewards …

  • Earth Day and Environmental Justice

    Journal Article | May 2020

    April 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, when the world … justice around Earth Day, a unit on the trash economy would be great to spur … Earth Day and Environmental Justice …

  • Earth in Our Hands

    Journal Article | July 2019

    Using a 3D printer to build topographical maps for Earth science lessons

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