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  • Energy

    Book Chapter | September 2014

    Energy is everywhere in several different forms and can be moved from place to place in many ways. In these experiments, you will find out more about what energy is, how it can be transported, and how is it possible to…

  • Energy

    Book Chapter | September 2014

    Energy is an essential part of all branches of physics. In mechanics, energy appears as both potential and kinetic energy. In this chapter, the experiments examine the conservation of energy and how energy can change…

  • Energy Literacy

    Journal Article | July 2022

  • The Energy Zipline

    Journal Article | April 2021

  • Online Extras: Matter and Energy for Growth and Activity

    Page | March 2020

    Online Extras: Matter and Energy for Growth and Activity If you have purchased the teacher's edition of Matter and Energy for Growth and Activity, you can view the accompanying materials online. These resources are for your personal use only and are not to be redistributed. To view the online extras, please type in the…

  • Recognizing Energy

    Book Chapter | January 2002

    Energy is such a common notion. We talk about it all the time. Should you buy energy-efficient windows? The country needs an energy policy. That little kid at the store who screaming at the top of his lungs sure…

  • Energy on the Move

    Book Chapter | January 2002

    Up until now, we've been talking about things having a certain amount of energy and not about things gaining, losing, or changing their form of energy. We've already seen how energy can change, though. A marble at…

  • Taming Energy

    Book Chapter | January 2002

    Energy transformations take place all over the Earth without humans ever getting involved. Being the control freaks that we are, though, we spend a lot of time trying to direct those energy transformations to make our…

  • Conservation of Energy

    Book Chapter | May 2009

    This activity is inquiry because students have not yet been exposed to the idea of gravitational potential energy being converted into kinetic energy. Students should be able to measure this by performing this activity…

  • Conversion of Energy

    Book Chapter | May 2009

    Teachers may want to show students a completed soda can vehicle because the written instructions can be difficult to follow for some students. These cans can travel a long distance (an entire school hallway is possible…

  • Energy in Food

    Book Chapter | July 2015

    The purpose of this lab is for students to apply their understanding of energy flow and transfer within a system. Students will generate arguments about ”Which Type of Nut Is Best for a New Energy Bar?” The Teacher…

  • Energy and Nutrients

    Book Chapter | March 2010

    This chapter explores the concepts of energy and nutrients and goes back to the fundamental connection of these concepts with the environment. Activities are provided that help students design their own experiments to…

  • The Sun’s Energy

    Book Chapter | April 2016

    In this chapter, the objective of the activity “Making Sun Prints” is to understand that although we can’t see the ultraviolet light part of sunlight, it can have an effect on plants, our skin, and light-sensitive…

  • Energy of Motion

    Book Chapter | May 2019

    The guiding question of this investigation is, How does changing the speed of a marble affect the energy of that marble? In this lesson, students will need to figure out how changing the speed of a moving marble (a…

  • Describing Energy

    Book Chapter | March 2019

    Energy is difficult to define. The purpose of this assessment probe is to elicit students’ ideas about energy and is designed to reveal how students define or describe energy. This probe is best used with students in…

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