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  • What Is Natural Selection?

    Book Chapter | March 2012

    This chapter uses an invitation to inquiry strategy to answer the question, What is natural selection? The students are engaged by a problem of a farmer trying to eliminate flies from a barn. Students explore reasons…

  • An Evolution in Teaching Natural Selection

    Journal Article | January 2023

  • Modeling: Naturally Selecting an Effective Teaching Method

    Book Chapter | January 2006

    This chapter examines middle school level curriculum for evolution which incorporates many aspects of the More Emphasis conditions from the National Science Education Standards (NSES). Taking into account that in order…

  • Teaching Natural Selection Ambitiously

    Journal Article | September 2019

    Using Bernard Kettlewell’s peppered moths study as an anchor for Ambitious Science Teaching (AST)

  • A Natural Selection

    Journal Article | October 2005

    The high school science laboratory provides a natural environment for students to learn through scientist-teacher partnerships. A dynamic learning community, authentic inquiry, a deeper understanding of the nature of…

  • Jumping Into Natural Selection

    Journal Article | February 2018

    Thought experiments and firsthand investigations with crickets help students construct explanations of natural selection.

  • Creative Natural Selection

    Journal Article | October 2012

    In an attempt to integrate a geological component in a classroom investigation of biological evolution, the authors developed two activities with an interdisciplinary approach that includes the role of the environment.

  • Modeling Natural Selection

    Journal Article | February 2011

    In their research, scientists generate, test, and modify scientific models. These models can be shared with others and demonstrate a scientist’s understanding of how the natural world works. Similarly, students can…

  • Making Sense of Natural Selection

    Journal Article | September 2013

    Developing and using the natural selection model as an anchor for practice and content.

  • 99.99%—Antibacterial Products and Natural Selection

    Journal Article | December 2013

    Explore antibacterial resistance through a natural-selection simulation.

  • Adapting to the Environment: Helping students understand natural selection

    Journal Article | February 2003

    A classroom activity based on the story of the peppered moth sheds light on natural selection. While the topic of evolution is often difficult to approach in high school biology, this activity captures student attention…

  • The Case Study: I'm Looking Over a White Striped Clover: A Case of Natural Selection

    Journal Article | July 2007

    The case presented in this article is an exploration of the process of natural selection using white clover (Trifolium repens) as an example. In general, two forms of white clover can be found around the world in…

  • Natural Selection and Evolution: Using Multimedia Slide Shows to Emphasize the Role of Genetic Variation

    Journal Article | October 2012

    Adding multimedia slide shows developed by the Genetic Science Learning Center as supplements to the activities you already use in your middle school classroom can help reinforce the concept that evolution is a natural…

  • Natural Selection

    Collection | November 2016

  • Making Group Work Natural

    Journal Article | September 2022

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