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National Conference in Atlanta • March 22-25, 2023


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First Timers

NSTA First-Timers Orientation Session

Thursday, March 23 • 7:15-7:45 AM

With so much to do, attending your first NSTA National Conference can be a daunting experience. This session is designed not only to orient you to the conference but also to help you meet others, all while having some fun! Learn how to navigate the conference app, while hearing pro tips on how to make your time at the conference as productive and stress-free as possible.

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High School Haven

Back by popular demand, NSTA’s High School Haven–a dedicated learning and connecting space for high school educators. Explore discipline-specific sessions, relax in our community rooms outfitted with cell phone charging stations, and refuel with daily afternoon snacks.

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Share a Thon

Share-A-Thon Sessions

Saturday, March 25 • 8:00-10:00 AM

Share-a-thons are informal settings for multiple invited presenters to share information about related projects or findings. The room is set in a “flea market” style (banquet rounds and chairs in the center of the room) to encourage free-flowing movement from one project to another. Attendees can join for part or stay for the entire two-hour session, which can include a myriad of offerings, including poster presentations and “make-n-take” opportunities.

These sessions are organized by committees and groups that invite participants to share ideas connected to specific grades/topics.

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Poster Share a Thon
Poster Sessions

Presenters will describe strategies or tools by referencing the various graphics, texts, and/or illustrations from a prepared poster and table space provided in a share-a-thon format.

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Speed Sharing
Speed Sharing

Presenters will share a strategy or tool during a 10-minute presentation. Three presenters will be scheduled within a one-hour period of time, grouped together by theme. The last 15 minutes will be dedicated to informal discussions and Q&A with the presenters led by a moderator.

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30 Minute Sessions

A 30-minute opportunity for presenters to share an innovative teaching idea, results of research, or to discuss a topic of general or specific interest. Presentations are clustered and staggered by topic in adjacent rooms, so attendees can explore a topic of interest in greater depth by hearing from multiple presenters.

60 Minute Sessions

A 60-minute opportunity for presenters to share an innovative teaching idea, results of research, or to discuss a topic of general or specific interest.

Hands-On Workshop
Hands-On Workshops

A 60-minute session that engages the audience in a hands-on science activity and focuses on supporting classroom teaching and learning. These sessions will include audience participation in student hat or from a student’s perspective.

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