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What’s New in NSTA Journals for 2023 and 2024?

Posted on 2023-08-08

What’s New in NSTA Journals for 2023 and 2024?

As you may have read, NSTA is partnering with Routledge/Taylor & Francis (T&F) to publish our five journals: Science & Children, Science Scope, The Science Teacher, Journal of College Science Teaching, and Connected Science Learning. Beginning in January 2024, NSTA’s journals will be hosted on the T&F Online platform, NSTA’s journals will be an excellent addition to T&F’s world-leading education journals portfolio and will receive dedicated support and attention to ensure their success. 

For NSTA to be ready for this major transition, we are combining the two remaining journal issues for 2023 (September/October and November/December) into a double issue, Fall 2023, to be published by October 1. This will allow us to use the rest of 2023 to finalize preparations for January 1, 2024, when the first issues will be published on

Key elements of the partnership are the following:

  • NSTA’s journals—their editors, authors, and readers—will receive all the benefits of working with a major international publishing house, including close support from the T&F editorial, production, customer services, and marketing teams.
  • T&F journals are available in full text in more than 12,000 libraries worldwide. This increased audience reach to individuals who may not have otherwise been exposed to the relevant journals will heighten awareness and interest in key topics central to NSTA’s mission. 
  • The partnership will provide increased impact for research through article downloads, Altmetric scores, and citations. 
  • T&F is committed to innovation, continuously investing in regular updates to its state-of-the-art online platform. Some recent innovations include ReadSpeaker, which easily converts text to speech on each article page, and the integration of Publons in their peer review management systems to allow reviewers to track their activities online.
  • Print editions of Science & Children, Science Scope, and The Science Teacher will still be available for NSTA members who wish to receive them.

NSTA will maintain full control over the ways in which members have access to the journals. Routledge/Taylor & Francis is committed to giving NSTA members access to the online version of each journal via secure means through the NSTA website. Your member login on will automatically log you in on

For more information on this exciting change for NSTA journals, feel free to contact
Peter Lindeman
Journals Director


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