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Connected Science Learning January–March 2020

Volume 2, Issue 1

Why Collaborate? This issue of Connected Science Learning focuses on Effective Collaboration.

Journal Article

Why Collaborate?

As a Connected Science Learning reader, you already know that collaboration is what this journal is all about. We strive to publish articles that hi...

By Beth Murphy

Informal Education Professional Learning old STEM

Journal Article

A Tale of Two Partnership Models

Engaging in science at an early age cultivates foundational mindsets and practices for future learning, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, ...

By Jenny Ingber, Jacqueline Horgan, and Veena Vasudevan

Informal Education

Journal Article

Partnering to Develop a Coordinated Engineering Education Program Across Schools, Museum Field Trips, and Afterschool Programs

Engineering Explorations are curriculum modules that engage children across contexts in learning about science and engineering. We used them to leve...

By Danielle B. Harlow, Ron Skinner, Tarah Connolly, and Alexandria Muller

Informal Education Curriculum Engineering

Journal Article

Dealing With Disasters Through Emergency Response Teen Science Cafés

According to a 2012 United Nations report, many countries prioritize children’s learning about the genesis, prevention, and mitigation of natural ...

By Jan Mokros, Michelle Hall, and Michael Mayhew

Informal Education Careers

Journal Article

Trust the Process

Tell the story of an important event that happened in your family. Tell the story of a place that is important to your family. Tell the story of how...

By Carrie Tzou, Daniel Rother, Ashley Braun, Elizabeth Starks, Meixi Ng, Enrique Suárez, Amanda Rambayon, Philip Bell, Don LaBonte, Amy Twito, Shawn Peterson, Sara Marie Ortiz, and Megan Bang

Informal Education Technology

Journal Article

Wings Over Water

The Wings Over Water (WOW) collaboration began with ospreys....

By Allison De Jong, Jenélle Dowling, Erick Greene, and Sharon Leigh Miles

Informal Education

Journal Article

Building Community With Educators

After a string of successes in our teacher professional development programs at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS), I recently began t...

By Robert Payo

Professional Learning old Teacher Preparation

Journal Article

NASA’s Universe of Learning

By Erika Wright, Timothy Rhue II, Mary Dussault, and Brandon Lawton

Informal Education Astronomy

Journal Article

Spring Into Action This April With Global Citizen Science Month

By Darlene Cavalier, Caroline Nickerson, and Jill Nugent

Informal Education Citizen Science

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