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Connected Science Learning October-December 2018

Volume 1, Issue 8

STEM Learning Connected to Afterschool Settings

Take a Fresh Look at Connected Science Learning

Journal Article

Take a Fresh Look at Connected Science Learning

Editor Dennis Schatz welcomes you to the latest issue of Connected Science Learning, focused on STEM Learning Through Afterschool Experiences, and i...

By Dennis Schatz

Journal Article

Understanding Nature Through Active Listening

Sounds are all around us and are useful sources of information for scientists. Unfortunately, we are living in an earbud society in which many youth...

By Bryan Pijanowski, and Maryam Ghadiri

Informal Education

Journal Article

Engineering Design Challenge

Minnesota 4-H seeks to improve the quantity and quality of out-of-school STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) experiences for middle sc...

By Mark Haugen, Margo Bowerman, R. Michael Compton, Anne Stevenson, and Patrick Jirik


Journal Article

Celebrate Urban Backyards

Find out how the Detroit Zoological Society partnered with local organizations to create Celebrate Urban Backyards, which engages afterschool educat...

By Claire Lannoye-Hall, and Zahraa Aljebori

Informal Education Citizen Science Environmental Science

Journal Article

Emerging Connections

Learn about an effective and affordable three-focus approach that brings together academia, the community, and the real world in a way that makes af...

By Edward Njoo, Surabhi Narain, Lakshmidevi Pabbisetty, and Mahesh Agrawal

Informal Education Interdisciplinary STEM

Journal Article

Interested in Connecting In-School and Out-of-School STEM Learning?

Use the National AfterSchool Association’s resources to learn about best practices for implementing out-of-school STEM learning.   &nbs...

By Heidi Ham

Informal Education

Journal Article

A Cancer Education Curriculum for Underserved Elementary School Children

Learn how Los Angeles educators implemented a new curriculum to teach underserved elementary students about basic cancer concepts.   &nbs...

By Dieuwertje J. Kast, Anupam Singh, and W. Martin Kast

Informal Education Biology Life Science

Journal Article

Multimedia Connected STEM Learning With Middle School Students

Find out how Denver middle school students practiced digital storytelling as they delved deeply into STEM topics that interested them.  ...

By Janelle M. Johnson, Jayme Margolin-Sneider, and Monica Moreno-Martinez

Middle School Informal Education Interdisciplinary STEM Technology

Journal Article

Integrating STEM Into Afterschool

In 2013 The Franklin Institute, a leading science museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, received a grant from the National Science Foundation (#1138...

By Suzanne Blanc, Tara Cox, Dale McCreedy, and Alexis Lee Clark

Informal Education STEM

Journal Article

Maryland’s STEMbassadors

The Maryland Out of School Time (MOST) Network has worked since 2013 to build systems that strengthen out-of-school time (OST) STEM education. With ...

By Ellie Mitchell, Paul Mincarelli, and Elyse Preston


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