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Digestive System Playlist

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What Are Daily Do Playlists?

Daily Do Playlists are suggested instructional sequences of two or more Daily Do lessons in which students coherently build science ideas over time. While each Daily Do lesson in the Playlist can be taught as a stand-alone task, guidance is provided for teachers to navigate students from one lesson to the next in the context of a We culture:

  • We figure out the science ideas.
  • We figure out where we are going at each step.
  • We figure out how to put the ideas together over time.

To better support both teachers and students, the individual Daily Do lessons in the Playlist have been updated to include tailored Google Docs, Slides, and/or Jamboard templates to facilitate students’ science learning in the classroom or virtual learning environment (synchronous and asynchronous). 


Daily Do: Why Does Some Food Disappear?

In this first of three playlist lessons, students experience the phenomenon of the different food molecules that make up a graham cracker disappearing at different locations (organs) along the digestive tract and raise the question, "Why does some food disappear?", which motivates the need to engage in the next two lessons.

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Why does some food disappear

Daily Do: Why Does the Cracker Taste Sweet?

In the second lesson, Why does the cracker taste sweet?, students have an opportunity to apply physical science ideas about chemical reactions and physical changes to begin to develop the life science idea "the body is a system of multiple interacting subsystems" in pursuit of the answer to their question, "Why does some food disappear?"

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Why does the cracker taste sweet

Daily Do: Where Does Digestion Occur?

In Where does digestion occur?, the final playlist lesson, students build on the science idea "the body is a system of multiple interacting subsystems made up of organs specialized for particular body functions" and answer their question, "Why does some food disappear?"

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Where does digestion occur


The Daily Do lessons on this playlist are all inspired by and use materials from the OpenSciEd science unit 7.3 Metabolic Reactions: How do things inside our bodies work together to make us feel the way we do? 

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Digestive System Playlist
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Digestive System Playlist
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