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  • Technology

    Book Chapter | April 2016

    This chapter highlights the need to explore electronic technology for the ways that cameras, digital microscopes, sensors, tablets, and phones can add to your students’ understanding of using tools to investigate the…

  • Case Studies Food Science & Technology

    Page | February 2022

    Case Studies Food Science & Technology

  • Translanguaging Using Technology

    Journal Article | February 2021

  • Integrating Technology to Support Classroom Argumentation

    Journal Article | May 2020

  • Technology’s Greatest Value

    Book Chapter | January 2008

    Essentially, technology use in the science classroom is most effective when it encourages deeper student engagement with science content, when it is used to support rather than replace what we know about effective…

  • Science, Technology, and Society

    Book Chapter | October 2009

    The advancement of science involves developing explanations for how and why things work and using technology to apply that knowledge to meet objectives, solve problems, or answer questions of societal interest. Because…

  • Technological Advances in Automobiles

    Book Chapter | September 2018

    In this lesson, students are introduced to and experiment with mousetrap cars and the science and industry of crash testing cars with a focus on safety improvements. Students investigate the history of technologies that…

  • Technology and Scientific Habits of Mind

    Journal Article | March 2021

  • An Innovative Use of Technology . . . and Partnerships

    Journal Article | February 2021

  • Uncovering Student Ideas About Engineering and Technology: 32 New Formative Assessment Probes

    NSTA Press Book | March 2020

    New in 2020! Download and read a sample chapter from this book to learn more. Have you been wondering how well your students understand engineering and technology concepts? Have you been wishing for formative…

  • Educational Technology in the Science Classroom

    Book Chapter | January 2008

    Each year billions of dollars are invested in establishing an effective infrastructure for employing information technology in schools. Almost all classrooms have been wired for internet access, computers have been…

  • Assistive Technology and Your Classroom

    Book Chapter | March 2013

    Incorporation of technology into the advanced classroom has flourished as the national focus on success in STEM classes has accelerated. The assumption is that new technologies support student learning of scientific…

  • American Science and Technology: A Cultural Heritage

    Book Chapter | May 2018

    The relationship between STEM and American society represents a cultural heritage that has its origins in history and prominence in contemporary STEM-related issues. This chapter provides an overview of science and…

  • Technology Leadership for the 21st Century

    Book Chapter | February 2009

    This chapter addresses (a) how transformational leadership in the educational community is crucial for effective and appropriate infusion of educational technology as a fundamental part of K-12 education; (b) how…

  • New Technologies for High-Rise Buildings

    Book Chapter | November 2017

    In this lesson, student teams are challenged to examine the collapse of the World Trade Center Twin Towers. Each team will develop a proposal for a new or improved building material or method that could be incorporated…

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