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Case Studies: Chemistry

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All Chemistry Cases

Case Study

The Organic Chemistry of Drug Design in a Case of Schizophrenia

By Brahmadeo Dewprashad, Vishnu Tiwari

Case Study

Dystrophin Stability and Cardiomyopathy

By Richard J. Kwak, Joyce A. Horton, Zyan Davis, Kristy J. Wilson

Case Study

The Name’s Bond, Chemical Bond

By Katie McShea, Kari Fleuriet, Fatmah Alamoudi, Deana Jaber

Case Study

A Nervous Night in the ER

By Breanna N. Harris, Heidi Schutz

Case Study

Why Does My Chest Hurt?

By John B. Chiari, Jillian Giblin, Courtney L. McGinnis

Case Study

Get a Chemical Clue

By Megan Lee, Anna K.S. Jozwick

Case Study

Life in the Fat Lane

By Scott J. Donnelly

Case Study

Sponges and Bubbles

By Geoffrey M. Lippa, Heather Zimbler-DeLorenzo, Jean A. Cardinale

Case Study

Plantation Paradox

By Courtney L. McGinnis, Jacob M. Laperche

Case Study

Intravenous Error Precipitates Legal Problems

By Marsha A. Grimminger

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