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Natural Resources: Water

Daily Do Playlist


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What Are Daily Do Playlists?

Daily Do Playlists are suggested instructional sequences of two or more Daily Do lessons in which students coherently build science ideas over time. While each Daily Do lesson in the Playlist can be taught as a stand-alone task, guidance is provided for teachers to navigate students from one lesson to the next in the context of a We culture:

  • We figure out the science ideas.
  • We figure out where we are going at each step.
  • We figure out how to put the ideas together over time

To better support both teachers and students, the individual Daily Do lessons in the Playlist have been updated to include tailored Google Docs, Slides, and/or Jamboard templates to facilitate students’ science learning in the classroom or virtual learning environment (synchronous and asynchronous). 


Daily Do: How Do We Get Drinking Water From Fog?

In this first of three playlist lessons, students are introduced to a method using nets (yes, nets!) to extract usable quantities of drinking water from the air. Analyzing NASA U.S. Land Water Storage data, they make sense of the idea that fresh water is not distributed equally across the United States. After identifying locations with potential for high amounts of water vapor in the air, they are left wondering how the nets work. This motivates students to engage in the second lesson on the playlist, Where did the water come from?

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Glass of water in fog

Daily Do: Where Did the Water Come From?

In this second lesson on the playlist, Where did the water come from?, students make sense of a new science idea—condensation—to help them explain how nets (introduced in the previous lesson) can be used to remove fresh water from the air. But what do you do when water vapor amounts aren't high enough to yield usable amounts of drinking water? Students investigate other solutions to our global water crisis in the next lesson on the playlist.

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Dew on the grass

Daily Do: How Can We Run Out of Water?

In How can we run out of water?, the final lesson on the playlist, students explore their own water usage to help them understand fresh water is a limited resource.

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Desert with mud cracks

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Natural Resources - Water
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Natural Resources - Water
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