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Addressing Inequities During Distance Learning

By Sharon Delesbore

Addressing Inequities During Distance Learning

As a science teacher, I am very concerned about the inequities revealed in online teaching. What needs to be addressed to help our students learn?
—D., Texas

Your question covers many areas. The reality is that COVID-19 placed a huge spotlight on many of the inequities in the educational system. School leaders must discuss many questions, including these:  

  1. Which students have access to technology?
  2. Who has access to regular, balanced, healthy meals at least twice a day?
  3. Are students living in a safe environment physically, emotionally, and academically?

Current circumstances continue to prompt more questions than answers, with little background information to help determine what the best possibilities are for successfully overcoming this pandemic.  

The best I can share is that the relationships we build with our students will be the deciding factor to help reach, teach, and nurture our students this coming fall. Some districts are providing options of face-to-face instruction, remote learning, or a hybrid of both. As the number of COVID-19 cases continue to increase, we have to prepare for online teaching. But just because learning may be remote does not mean it has to be distant.  

We close the distant divide of online teaching by intentionally building authentic relationships with our students academically, physically, and emotionally. Plan within your online platform to connect with your students on a personal level. Make sure that you display an inviting demeanor online, in writing, and on social media platforms to help students feel safe. Keep in mind that you and your students are going through this together. Build on everyone’s strengths to help boost the confidence of every stakeholder to persevere through this pandemic.

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