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Freebies for Science Teachers, September 22, 2020

By Debra Shapiro

Freebies for Science Teachers, September 22, 2020

Elementary, Middle Level

Wild Classroom Toolkits Now in Spanish
World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) Wild Classroom now offers downloadable curriculum toolkits in Spanish. Each toolkit has resource guides and activity plans about environmental conservation topics for students in grades 3–5. Teach students about los elefantes (elephants), las mariposas monarca (Monarch butterflies), los tigres (tigers), las tortugas marinas (sea turtles), los osos polares (polar bears), and los delfines de río (dolphins). Students in grades 6–8 can learn about la biodiversidad (biodiversity).

Middle School, High School

Whether your students are participating in Science Olympiad at home, at school, or after school, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) teachers, parents, families, and students across the country can access free Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)–supported resources related to Science Olympiad on the MY SO website. Each month from September through May features a different theme. Themes connect with Science Olympiad subjects like Epidemiology, Space, or Engineering, and the site contains lesson plans and STEM Sessions—interviews with leading experts in the field about careers and the workforce.

On one Thursday each month, the site will host two STEM Showdowns, national-level online Science Olympiad tests students can take in real time to compare their knowledge with that of their peers on a national monthly leaderboard and win prizes. MY SO can be used as a standalone or to support any regular Science Olympiad season.  

Field Sight
The Wildlife Conservation Society’s (WCS) educators and field staff combined their knowledge and experience to create this website, which highlights the conservation work WCS is doing worldwide. Hear about their efforts to protect wildlife, and bring this information into your classroom with curated curriculum tools that meet national standards including NGSS. Seven stories feature short videos of staff working in the field, accompanied by lesson plans and worksheets. The lessons are interdisciplinary and applicable to the real world and will engage students in science, genetics, literacy, leadership, mapping, civic engagement, and more. All Field Sight stories are multilingual, with worksheets in both English and Spanish and several in other languages as well. The videos have subtitles for students with hearing disabilities. 

Preschool Through High School

University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) Education Group’s Resources
The university’s MRSEC Education Group has collaborated with teachers for more than 15 years to develop research-inspired educational content. Recently they have created a series of videos illustrating activities that students can do at home. The activities require supplies commonly found at home or that can easily be acquired. The videos also present examples of how the activities connect to students’ real-world experience. Students can create thin films; build carbon nanotube finger puppets; play games that teach them about crystals, atoms, or scientific models; and more.

Middle level and high school STEM teachers will be interested in activities developed by teachers in the Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program. Scroll to the bottom of this page and select Past RET Activities. Choose from Machine Learning and Optimization for Novel Metallic Glasses; Microfluidics and the Study of Bacteria; Green Chemistry and Biofuels; and more.

Teachers in the classroom or laboratory can use the video lab manual. Labs cover such topics as 3D Printing (Photolithography), Cholesteryl Ester Liquid Crystals Preparation, Gelatin Microfluidics, and Organic Light Emitting Diodes.

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