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Connected Science Learning April-June 2019

Volume 1, Issue 10

Serving Youth With Special Needs

Growing the CSL Community

Journal Article

Growing the CSL Community

In this discussion, Field Editor Beth Murphy, NSTA Executive Director David Evans, and ASTC President and CEO Cristin Dorgelo discuss the origins of...

By Beth Murphy, David L. Evans, and Cristin Dorgelo

Informal Education Disabilities Inclusion

Journal Article

STEMing the Flow for All

Students with special needs traditionally have fewer opportunities to engage in hands-on learning during science class (Melber and Brown 2008). The ...

By Brent Gilles, Tim Hawig, Ashley Sutton, and Stacey Britton

Informal Education Disabilities Environmental Science Inclusion

Mining Science Capital

Journal Article

Mining Science Capital

“It was a perfect day. I was impressed with the students’ curiosity, questions, and seriousness about volcanic rocks and how engaged and focused...

By Cristina Trowbridge

Disabilities Inclusion Preservice Science Education

Journal Article

Youth With Disabilities

Bold innovations in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. Brilliant hacks for the digital divide. Breakthroughs in maternal health care to redu...

By Linda Kekelis

Informal Education Disabilities Inclusion STEM

Journal Article

Making On and Off the Spectrum

People have been making since the first human used a tool, and have continued to create things for both fun and function. From building model trains...

By Wendy Martin, Regan Vidiksis, Kristie Patten Koenig, and Yu-Lun Chen

Informal Education Disabilities Engineering Technology

Journal Article

The BEST Partnership Program

People with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) become more widely recognized as part of our population every year. According to the Centers for Disease ...

By Katie Slivensky, Ellen Cohn, Alexander Lussenhop, and Christina Moscat


Journal Article

Design an Amusement Park

In the last two decades, precollege engineering education has become more prevalent. At the same time, the number of children diagnosed with autism ...

By Hoda Ehsan, Elizabeth Gajdzik, and Monica Cardella

Informal Education Disabilities Engineering Interdisciplinary

Journal Article

Better Together

When ExpandED Schools, a nonprofit based in New York, began planning a new STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) initiative three years ...

By Lizzie Murchison, and Emma Banay

Informal Education Disabilities

Journal Article

Inspiring Middle School Young Women to Achieve STEM Careers Through a Nature-Based Summer Mentorship Program

Innovation and progress in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) workforce is critical to the growth of the United States in the glo...

By Sarah Rhodes-Ondi, and Maryam Ghadiri

Middle School Earth & Space Science STEM

Journal Article

Using Virtual Reality in the Classroom for Students on the Autism Spectrum

Virtual reality has seen rapid development in the first part of the 21st century, although it has been around for many years. Remember the old ViewM...

By Wyayn Rasmussen, and Kate Drechsler

Informal Education Disabilities Inclusion Teaching Strategies Technology

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