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Connected Science Learning September–October 2022

Volume 4, Issue 5

Place-Based Learning

Journal Article

Citizen Science Framing and Delivery Models: Impacts on Young People’s Environmental Science Learning

By Jessica Wardlaw, Ana Benavides-Lahnstein, Lucy Robinson, Julia Lorke, Sasha Pratt-Taweh, Maryam Ghadiri Khanaposhtani, Heidi Ballard, and Victoria Burton

Informal Education Citizen Science Environmental Science Learning Progression Research

Journal Article

“It's Okay That You Add Your Touch”: Fostering Imagining and Creating Through STEAM Education

By Megan McKinley-Hicks, Ariella F. Suchow, Kadahj A. Bennett, Lyndsay Allyn Cox, Genelle Faulkner, Meghan Hill, Michael Barnett, and Helen Zhang

Middle School Informal Education Equity Interdisciplinary NGSS Science and Engineering Practices

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