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Journal of College Science Teaching

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Journal Article

Backward Redesign of a Nonmajors’ Biology Course at a Two-Year Technical College

Gwinnett Technical College (GTC), established in 1984, is the second-largest technical college in Georgia. As a two-year open-access ...

By Margaret Long, Adrienne Cottrell-Yongye, and Tyler Huynh

Postsecondary Biology Teacher Preparation

Journal Article

Show Your Students How to Be More Persuasive When They Write

After a grueling grading campaign, a chemist asked a writing and rhetoric specialist for help improving formal reports in the introductory organic c...

By David J. Slade and Susan K. Hess

Postsecondary Literacy Teacher Preparation

Journal Article

Barriers to Learning Assistant Engagement

Learning Assistants (LAs) help students develop a deeper understanding of content and are particularly effective during active learning instruction....

By Alicia Purtell, Robert Talbot, and Michael E. Moore

Postsecondary Preservice Science Education Teacher Preparation

Journal Article

Qualitative Analysis of Ray Optics in a College Physics Laboratory: A 5E Lesson

This paper describes an alternative approach to teaching and learning practices in an undergraduate physics laboratory. The instructor plans and imp...

By Ozden Sengul

Postsecondary 5E Labs Physics


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