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March/April 2021

In this issue, we start with an editorial from our Advisory Board on the importance of STEM fields as a conduit of education and the public’s view on the current pandemic.

In our Features Section the authors of the first article highlight how a small change in pedagogy can enhance students understanding and appreciation of data modeling, in the second, an important link is discovered between undergraduate research in a STEM Living-learning program and long-term academic success, and in the third, some needed strategies in these pandemic virtual teaching times to help foster a community in an online environment.

Under Research & Teaching we have a great example of how to construct a rubric to “assess students’ data skills or measure gains over time within written or task-based assessments.” The next article is tangentially related to the features article on STEM Living-learning program where the authors investigate the impact of undergraduate research experiences in a biology class on student self-efficacy and future goals. The next article describes a plan of action for a physics class and a department to implement and embrace an active-learning pedagogical culture. In our last article, the authors share an innovative link-course model to improve their students’ ability to compose original scientific literature.  

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Current Issue


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