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Intro Space Science


Intro Space Science

Articles and Activities about Space, The Solar System, Stars, Galaxies and the Universe at a Middle School Level...

Middle School Aerospace Astronomy Physical Science Physics Technology

Journal Article

Career of the Month: Acoustician

Acoustics involves all aspects of sound, noise, vibration, and perception. It’s a large field that encompasses specialties such as architecture, und...

By Luba Vangelova

High School Careers Physical Science Physics Technology

Journal Article

Teaching Students to Read Equations

The laws of nature are expressed in equation form in all physics courses. How these laws are taught can vary widely. In this article, I expand on prev...

By Paul G. Hewitt

High School Literacy Phenomena Physics

Web Seminar

Exploration Generation: Sensemaking in Elementary Rocketry, November 29, 2023

Join us on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, from 7:00 PM ET to 8:30 PM ET, to learn about the Exploration Generation elementary school playlist and unit ...

Preschool Elementary Aerospace Earth & Space Science Engineering Physics STEM

Journal Article

Determination of the Helpfulness of Physics Exam Study Methods

This study investigates the relationship between study methods and exam performance in introductory physics courses. Data were collected over 3 years ...

By David Waters and Rahul Jilakara

Physics Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Using Force and Motion Concepts to Achieve a Hole in One

By Heidi Masters, Kylee Plants, Elizabeth Sutton, and Rebecca Mitchell

Elementary Engineering Physical Science Physics

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