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Journal Article

Improving Retention and Graduation of Female Engineering and Polytechnic Students With First-Year Interventions

Prior research in student retention emphasizes that building students’ connections with the institution and their peers is key. Students from underr...

By Anne Lucietto, Holden Buckner, and Antonia Munguia

Engineering Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Fostering Community-Engaged Problem-Solvers

By Amanda Rapstad, Rebekah Hammack, and Nicholas Lux

Elementary Earth & Space Science Engineering Phenomena

Journal Article

Cool It!

By Jamie W. Gutual, Latanya Robinson, Adam Kirn, and Indira Chatterjee

Middle School 5E Engineering Labs Lesson Plans Mathematics NGSS Science and Engineering Practices STEM

Journal Article

Chemical Cargo Carrier

By Marta Stoeckel, Angela Peterson, Lisa Ortmann, and Gillian Roehrig

High School Curriculum Engineering Instructional Materials NGSS Physical Science Physics Science and Engineering Practices STEM

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