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Journal Article

Teacher-Learning, Meaning-Making, and Integrating ISE Practices in Diverse Urban Classrooms

By Jennifer D. Adams, Amy DeFelice, and Susan McCullough

Informal Education STEM

Journal Article

The American Geophysical Union Steps It Up on Climate Science Education

By Michael E. Wysession, Tanya Furman, Missy Holzer, Jacqueline Houghton, Cathryn A. Manduca, Stephanie Pfirman, Victor J. Ricchezza, and Vincent Tong

Informal Education Climate Change Earth & Space Science Environmental Science Instructional Materials Literacy STEM

Journal Article

Facilitating Learner-Centered Interactions Through Applied Improvisation

By Ron Skinner, Danielle Harlow, Dan Gunther, Kaia Joye Wesolowski, Jasmine Marckwordt, and Alexandria Muller

Informal Education Professional Learning Science and Engineering Practices STEM Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Supporting a Museum-Based Network of Science Teacher Leaders

By Sara C. Heredia, Michelle Phillips, and Julie H. Yu

Informal Education Professional Learning Research STEM

Journal Article

Piloting Virtual Field Trips During a Pandemic

By Tilly Duong, Melissa Telemeco, Charlotte Dean, and Alexandria Hansen

Elementary Informal Education NGSS STEM Technology

Journal Article

Data-Driven Science Vlogging for Connected Learning Anywhere

By Rundong Jiang, Xiaotong Ding, Shannon Sung, Ashley Bulseco, and Charles Xie

Informal Education Citizen Science Inquiry Phenomena Physical Science Technology

Journal Article

MindHive: An Online Citizen Science Tool and Curriculum for Human Brain and Behavior Research

By Suzanne Dikker, Yury Shevchenko, Kim Burgas, Kim Chaloner, Marc Sole, Lucy Yetman-Michaelson, Ido Davidesco, Rebecca Martin, and Camillia Matuk

High School Informal Education Citizen Science Inquiry NGSS Research Technology

Journal Article

Growing Understanding From a SPARK

By Deborah Hanuscin, Abby Whatley, Bridget Dahlman-Oeth, Paola Sanchez, Benjamin Dixon, and Daniel Savage

Elementary Informal Education Pre-service Teachers Curriculum NGSS Physical Science Science and Engineering Practices

Journal Article

Is It Over Yet?

By Beth Murphy

Informal Education STEM

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