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Journal Article

Developing a Classroom Assessment Rubric

The development and implementation of varied assessment practices is a major focus in higher education. Assessment benefits both students and teachers...

By Chandrani Mishra, Loran Carleton Parker, and Kari L. Clase

Pre-service Teachers Assessment Pedagogy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

A Model for a Data Analysis– and Literature-Intensive Undergraduate Course

This article describes the use of literature to broaden students’ skills in content comprehension, data analysis, modeling, and productive scientifi...

By Karen Resendes

College Assessment Interdisciplinary Literacy Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Self-Regulated Learning Strategies for the Introductory Physics Course With Minimal Instructional Time Required

Self-regulated learning (SRL) is the metacognitive aspect of learning that goes beyond learning content and skills. With SRL, students are aware of th...

By Stephanie Toro

Postsecondary Assessment Learning Progression Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Useful Beyond Assessments

By Sarah K. Benson, William J. Therrien, Gail E. Lovette, Christian Doabler, and Maria Longhi

Elementary Assessment Professional Learning Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

The Content and the Conversation

By Christina Morales, Megan Goss, April Holton, Eric Greenwald, and J. Bryan Henderson

Middle School Assessment NGSS Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Assessment for English Learners

By Lorena Llosa, Scott E. Grapin, and Alison Haas

Assessment English Language Learners Equity Physical Science

Journal Article

Formative Assessment for Equitable Learning

By Krista Fincke, Deb Morrison, Kristen Bergsman, and Phillip Bell

Assessment Equity Pedagogy Social Justice Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Student Performance in Ground Versus Online Sections of a Biological Science I College Course

This study is a comparison of ground-based versus online student performance using a combination of common final examination scores and associated dem...

By Peggy Romeo, Marcela Trevino, Frederick Posey, and Scott Romeo

Postsecondary Assessment Biology Teacher Preparation Technology

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