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Journal Article

Altered Reality

By Charlene Ellingson and Janet M. Dubinsky

5E Biology Inquiry

Journal Article

A Journey to Acceptance

The main objective of this study was to characterize the acceptance of evolution among biology majors. Semi-structured interviews were carried out t...

By Chad Talbot, Zeegan George, and T. Heath Ogden

Postsecondary Biology Teacher Preparation

NSTA Press Book

Argument-Driven Inquiry in Fifth-Grade Science: Three-Dimensional Investigations

AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER! COMING OCTOBER 2020 Download and read a sample chapter from this book to learn more....

By Victor Sampson, Todd L. Hutner, Jonathon Grooms, Jennifer Kaszuba, Carrie Burt

Elementary Biology Physical Science Assessment Instructional Materials Inquiry Lesson Plans NGSS Phenomena Teaching Strategies Three-Dimensional Learning Interdisciplinary Labs Teacher Preparation

Archive: Science Update: The Enduring Legacy of Henrietta Lacks, September 16, 2020

Web Seminar

Archive: Science Update: The Enduring Legacy of Henrietta Lacks, September 16, 2020

As we celebrate Henrietta Lacks’ 100th birthday, this web seminar presentation will highlight the contributions of HeLa cells to science an...

Elementary High School Middle School Biology Life Science STEM

Journal Article

Student Perceptions of Open Educational Resources Video-Based Active Learning in University-Level Biology Classes:

We quantified student perceptions of an active learning exercise, based on open-educational video resources, in both a first-year seminar class (Nat...

By Gary D. Grossman and Troy N. Simon

Postsecondary Biology Instructional Materials Teacher Preparation

Journal Article

Backward Redesign of a Nonmajors’ Biology Course at a Two-Year Technical College

Gwinnett Technical College (GTC), established in 1984, is the second-largest technical college in Georgia. As a two-year open-access college, GTC an...

By Margaret Long, Adrienne Cottrell-Yongye, and Tyler Huynh

Postsecondary Biology Teacher Preparation

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