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Student Acceptance of Evolution

Acceptance of human evolution seems to be the majority position for the U.S. population; however, acceptance of evolution among conservative Christian...

By Daniel G. Ferguson, Jamie L. Jensen, Adhieu Arok, Seth M. Bybee, and T. Heath Ogden

College Biology Curriculum Evolution Life Science Pedagogy

Journal Article

Dogma Spies

By Cassandra Montalto and Sissy S. Wong

5E Biology Curriculum Evolution Labs Lesson Plans NGSS STEM Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Starting at the Beginning

This study examines what prior knowledge and misconceptions about evolutionary theory students bring with them into an introductory biological anthrop...

By Kathryn King

Assessment Evolution Teacher Preparation Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Ectotherm ER: Frogs Under the Weather

By Rebecca Gonda, Michel Ohmer, Laura Brannelly, Jennifer Kassimer, Stephanie Kubik, Alison Slinskey Legg, and Corinne Richards-Zawacki

Middle School Biology Citizen Science Climate Change Curriculum Environmental Science Evolution General Science Inquiry Instructional Materials Labs Lesson Plans Literacy New Science Teachers News Research STEM

Journal Article

Building Bridges

We describe a hands-on, collaborative activity designed to illustrate general properties of evolution, provide practice for quantitative skills, promo...

By Kelly A. Carscadden, Molly T. McDermott, Sheela P. Turbek, Silas B. Tittes and Andrew P. Martin

Postsecondary Biology Evolution Research Teaching Strategies

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