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Journal Article

Personal Characteristics Influencing College Readiness of Hispanic Students in a STEM Gateway Course, First-Semester General Chemistry

This study is an exploratory comparison of 69 Hispanic students enrolled in first-semester general chemistry (Chem I) who attended either a Hispanic-S...

By Adrian Villalta-Cerdas, Anton Dubrovskiy, Deborah Rush Walker, Blain Mamiya, G. Robert Shelton, Cynthia B. Powell, Susan Broadway, Rebecca Weber, and Diana Mason

College Chemistry Equity Inclusion Multicultural Social Justice STEM

Journal Article

Heat Reinvented

By Helen Zhang, David Jackson, Jeffrey Kiel, Leigh Estabrooks, So Lim Kim, Deoksoon Kim, Stephanie Couch, and G. Michael Barnett

Middle School Crosscutting Concepts Curriculum Engineering Interdisciplinary Multicultural Physical Science Science and Engineering Practices STEM

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