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Journal Article

Preservice Science Teachers Practice Teaching Online through 4E Instructional Model

This article is prepared as part of a “Practice Teaching in Science” course of a teacher education program aiming for developing prospective scien...

By Ozden Sengul

5E Instructional Materials Pedagogy Research Teacher Preparation

Journal Article

Mesozoic Measurement

By Laura B. Schneider and Angelique Kelly

Elementary 5E Earth & Space Science Pedagogy Three-Dimensional Learning

Journal Article

How Slow Is Your Parachute?

By Aisling Leavy, Mairéad Hourigan, Anne O’Dwyer, Claire Carroll, Edward Corry, and Miriam Hamilton

5E Physics STEM

Journal Article

The “Magic” of Density

By Jacquelyn J. Mosely and Brooke A. Whitworth

5E Literacy Physical Science Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

The Potency of Evidence

By Claudette Tebeck

High School 5E Equity Inquiry Research

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