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Journal Article

Doing It All

By Amanda Sanderman and Chelsie Byram

Elementary 5E Crosscutting Concepts Earth & Space Science Interdisciplinary

Journal Article

Bringing Engineering Into Play

By Jesse Wilcox, Caitlyn Potter, Sarah Nolting, Sarah Voss, and Elyse Webb

Elementary Kindergarten Engineering Interdisciplinary

Journal Article

Courageous Cheetah Car

By Rebecca Stobbs and Jeanne Norris

Kindergarten Engineering Instructional Materials Interdisciplinary

Journal Article

Moon, Math, and Literacy

By Candi Clevinger, Alissa A. Lange, and Elizabeth Schock

Elementary Astronomy Earth & Space Science Interdisciplinary Literacy

Journal Article

Earth’s Place in the Universe

By Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong

Elementary Astronomy Interdisciplinary Literacy

Journal Article

Connecting pH and Molarity to Health Care

Given the recent state of social distancing, the online lab experience discussed in this article offers an economical and versatile approach to online...

By Angela L. Mahaffey

College Assessment Chemistry Distance Learning Instructional Materials Interdisciplinary

Journal Article

STEM Graduate Students’ Development at the Intersection of Research, Leadership, and Innovation

Researcher innovation and leadership skills are fundamental for creating implementable solutions to pressing societal and market-based global problems...

By Cindy Lenhart, Jana Bouwma-Gearhart, Douglas A. Keszler, Judith Giordan, Rich Carter, and Michelle Dolgos

College Interdisciplinary New Science Teachers Preservice Science Education Teacher Preparation

Journal Article

Interactive, Physical Course Materials as Formative Assessment Opportunities to Improve Student Learning of Molecular Structure-Function Relationships

Physical and life science disciplines emphasize how basic structural units influence function, yet it is challenging for students to understand struct...

By Jeffrey Radloff, Brenda Capobianco, Jessica Weller, Sanjay Rebello, David Eichinger, and Kendra Erk

College Assessment Chemistry Instructional Materials Interdisciplinary Life Science

Journal Article

Integrating the Concept of Homeostasis Into a First-Semester Anatomy and Physiology Course Through Short Predict-Observe-Explain Activities

Historically, undergraduate anatomy and physiology (A&P) has been a challenging course for incorporating conceptual learning techniques due to lar...

By Sammi Moore, Ron Gray, and Jeff Meilander

Postsecondary College Biology Interdisciplinary Life Science Teacher Preparation

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