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Journal Article

Using Growth Rings on Wooden Blocks and Plywood to Enhance Students’ Spatial Reasoning Skills

Spatial reasoning is one of the most challenging skills to master in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. This article...

By Jeff B. Chaumba and Josphine Chaumba

Postsecondary Earth & Space Science Instructional Materials Interdisciplinary New Science Teachers Teaching Strategies

Journal Article

Teaching Assistant Responses to COVID-19

Undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants (TAs) are tasked with instructing undergraduate courses with little to no professional development (P...

By Cody Smith, Deepika Menon, Annette Wierzbicki, and Jenny Dauer

Administration New Science Teachers Pedagogy Professional Learning STEM

Journal Article

STEM Graduate Students’ Development at the Intersection of Research, Leadership, and Innovation

Researcher innovation and leadership skills are fundamental for creating implementable solutions to pressing societal and market-based global problems...

By Cindy Lenhart, Jana Bouwma-Gearhart, Douglas A. Keszler, Judith Giordan, Rich Carter, and Michelle Dolgos

College Interdisciplinary New Science Teachers Preservice Science Education Teacher Preparation

Journal Article

Active Learning Classrooms

Active learning classrooms (ALCs) are designed to support collaborative learning in large class sections that are often taught with a lecture format. ...

By Carolyn Hushman, Aurora Pun, and Sushilla Knottenbelt

New Science Teachers Pedagogy Teaching Strategies

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